25 Incredible Ways to Make You Instantly Feel Good

Raising your vibration is a key thing to do every day, especially while you’re feeling drained or tired.

So if you are feeling drained or down for some reason, don’t reach to a chocolate bar, cup of espresso, or power drink for a boost.
The sugar and caffeine may provide you with a quick pick-me-up, however after that fast high, it will wear off and you’ll crash and really feel much more tired.

So to be able to get you in the highest vibration, take a look instead at these 25 tricks:

1. Go outside for a walk
2. If possible, do this walk around nature.
3. Have a cup of herbal tea.
4. Check on Pinterest or Instagram for inspirational quotes.
5. Take a bubble bath with Epsom salt.
6. Play together with your cat or dog.
7. Go to the gym and do exercise you enjoy
8. Dance or sing your favorite music.
9. Go on Youtube and watch silly videos that make you laugh. Like that hamster dancing video!
10. Follow a Facebook inspirational page.
11. Do a yoga class.
12. Read an inspirational guide.
13. Drink water.
14. Get some vitamin D, sit outside for a few minutes and soak up the sun
15. Take a 20 minute energy nap.
16. Purchase some house plants. Bringing nature inside your house lifts your vibration.
17. Eat some omega 3 fatty acids like nuts. It improves temper and energy.
18. Listen to your thougths and change them quickly if they are being negative
19. Do the best you can and that is enough.
20. Live in the now. Forget the past or the future.
21. Meditate. Bring some peace to your mind.
22. Try Mudra. Try particular techniques using your hands and you’ll be able to direct certain power into your body. Seek on Pinterest for pictures about it.
23. Hug someone you love. A large bear hug can lift your vibration immediately.
24. Play with your kids.
25. Practice gratitude. Stay in a place of abundance and be grateful about what you have now.

Post Author: Carla Silva

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