These Are Not My Holidays. This Is My Lifestyle.

I love to share on social media what I am up to and I love to show what I created because I know that inspires other people to follow their dreams too.

I know that because years ago when I was broke, depressed and anxious, seeing those kind of things on Instagram and other channels used to do the same for me.

It gave me inspiration, hope, and above all, it connected me to my truth and to keep going.

So, nowadays when I share photos and stories of the amazing places I travel to, I do it to share the lifestyle I have chosen.

When I come back from those lovely places, I am not coming back to days of working hard and struggle and looking forward to the next holidays. That’s not my truth.

Because the truth is, I don’t work hard. I don’t sacrifice anything. I don’t struggle. Yes I have done that years ago, I was in that place, and I didn’ gain much from it apart from crushing my soul.

Nowadays I love what I do and I feel so blessed to help people with my gifts. I choose when to work, how and how long. And I get amazing results for my clients because they get to benefit from the amazing energy I am in.

So, I don’t go on vacations and I don’t live for brief moments during the year or weekends.

My life is a staycation every single day of the week and month. I have the same lifestyle away from home as I have when I am not away. Because I decided to.

Because to me life is to be lived and enjoyed and focused on what brings me happiness…

And I do this unapologetically and giving zero f**** to what others think or say about it.

Am I special? Not more than you reading this.

I just basically decided to step into my full inner power and made my choice on how to live my life.

It really doesn’t matter how your life is at this very moment. You can always step into your power at any time and re-write your story. Because you decide so.

Life is a choice. YOURS.

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