Staying in Alignment With Who You Are

Nothing is as soul crushing than getting out of alignment with what we truly want and believe.

This means that staying in alignment with your core values and goals needs to be THE priority at all times.

This also means saying no to whatever and whoever makes you feel bad: to people that try to put you down or say/do things you don’t want to, to clients that want you to lower your rates, going to events or situations you don’t like, etc.

You need to stay in touch with how you feel at all times. How you feel is your internal guiding system that will work through your intuition (aka gut feeling) and is there to guide you.

Do not ignore it. If something feels off, it’s because it is not in alignment with your truth and you can say no at all times.

After all, it is YOUR life, you make the rules!

Also, when you say no to something or someone who is not aligned with you, you are coming from a mindset of abundance and self-love.

You know that you are closing the door to something that doesn’t make you feel good, and so opening 10 other doors for the Universe to bring you things and people that are truly aligned with you.

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