Money is Energy, Money is Spiritual

I find it funny when people think that spirituality has nothing to do with money, or that in order to be spiritual, you cannot want a shit ton of money.

They are totally missing the point.

Money is a renewable energy, meaning that the more you spend from alignment, the more it will come back to you.

And second, money is related to expansion of self in the world and helping the expansion of others.

When you have more money to spend on things you enjoy, you are not only expanding in the world, but helping others expand too:

– The travel agent where you booked your holidays that can use the money to take that course they always wanted,

– The restaurant owner that can use the money to buy things for their children,

– The hairdresser that needs to pay the college bills

– The coffee shop barista that wants to buy an engagement ring to his girlfriend

– Etc, etc…

THAT is the point of being spiritual and wanting a shit ton of money, because you are allowing yourself and others to live an enjoyable life, fulfilling their life purpose.


No one is here in this world to contract and be in lack. We are all here to expand and be happy.

So, stop the bullshit beliefs about being spiritual and having more money, and ALLOW yourself to have everything you want – UNAPOLOGETICALLY!  🙂


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