How to Get a Fit and Healthy Body… By Exercising Less!

It’s very normal to think that in order to lose weight (or keep weight) we need to exercise like crazy everyday, in order to burn calories.

But it happens so very often that we do exercise like crazy and see little results. And, in some cases, we can even increase weight, or body fat.


Why does that happen?

Basically when we exercise we’re creating stress in the body. And there’s a direct relationship between stress and metabolic function.

If we push our metabolism too hard, and especially if we do that every single day, it will push back against, creating an imbalance in your body.

And we do feel that imbalance through increased hunger, crazy cravings and a slower metabolic rate.

To much exercise can get your body into survival mode holding on to body fat and can even lower your immune system too.

And then we wonder how am I exercising so hard, trying to eat healthy and still have these junk food cravings or putting on weight!? So now you know.

This happens by impacting the metabolic command and control center in the brain, called the hypothalamus which affects the thyroid and adrenal glands.


The solution

So, what you may want to do is to speed up your metabolism just enough to trigger body fat but not get to the point when it overreacts.

So, you don’t need to exercise like crazy everyday but you don’t want to exercise like crazy twice a week either.

Balance is the key.

Of course, the amount of times you exercise per week and how long will depend on many factors: your age, your metabolic rate, your overall health, etc.

The bext thing to do is listen to your body. You will know when you do too much or when you’re doing too little and you can find out the sweet spot in between.

The sweet spot will make you feel healthier, with more energy, in top shape and will make you want to eat healthy and have no cravings for unhealthy foods.

No more hungry for the wrong foods or falling exhausted on the sofa.

If you’re not sure you can find your sweet spot on your own, you can always hire a professional to help you, like a good personal trainer.


Move daily

To some people, exercising might mean going to a class at the gym, or doing weight training. To others, it might only mean going for a walk.

Every body is different and responds differently.

What you might want to do however is move during the day as much as possible. Not just by formally exercising, but by doing daily activities that require moving such as parking the car a few blocks away and walk to the supermarket, using the stairs instead of the lift or just leave the car home and take a bike ride to a friend’s house.

They are not exercise, but rather what we humans must do as a necessity.

When you do this every day, your need to go to the gym and exercise like crazy for half an hour disappears.

So when you do this every day, you go to your “exercise time” knowing you don’t need to do it like crazy and exhaust yourself.

You can go 2-3 times per week, do some cardio or resistance training that feels good to you.

Smart is better.Mental Health

When you try this “less is better” approach, your mental health will improve as well.

When you feel more energy daily, increase your metabolism and lose body fat naturally, and you don’t have crazy cravings, your overall health improves, especially your mental health.

You’ll feel less stressed, more healthy and have more energy for other things too, instead of falling on the sofa with a couple of donuts like before, or fighting cravings all the time.

And it will be much easier to choose healthy foods to eat.

You’ll just feel good.

This is in fact, how some people maintain a low body fat % and a healthy body without even going to the gym, just by being active in their daily activities.

Post Author: Carla Silva

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