Top 10 Places For Your Travel Bucket List

If you love travelling, this is for you! We have created a list of the top 10 places for your travel bucket list! Stunning views, awesome culture, amazing experiences await you!   ARUBA Photo Source:   Aruba is one of the top places in the world to visit. There are so many fun things to […]

10 Really Yummy Chicken Recipes!

I love to cook chicken as it can be cooked in so many tasty ways that all family loves! Here are 10 of the best really yummy chicken recipes for you to try: Marry Mè Chickèn. Famous skillet chicken in a sundried tomato parmesan cream sauce with fresh basil. It will definitely inspire marriage proposals! […]

10 Lovely Ideas To Decorate Your Balcony!

I absolutely love balconies! Either staying there with a bikini and a fresh drink when it’s hot or with a blanket and hot tea when it’s cold, there’s something special about this private outdoor space. I like them to be cozy, surrounded with beautiful items, comfortable and have nature too. Here’s 10 lovely ideas to […]

20 Adorable Fun Snacks For Kids!

Every parent wants their kids to eat healthy, so an easy way to do that is to make their food fun! Here you find several ideas of how to make your kids eat sandwiches, fruit, cheese, etc, and make them totally forget of sugary stuff! And you can even create it together with your kids! […]

How To Mindfully Choose Your Soulmate Clients

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s very normal at the beginning of starting your own business (especially if you deliver a service), to accept working with anyone that wants to work with you. This can be due to a lot of things: lack of experience, a lack mindset that tells you you have to accept […]

27 Places With Free Photos For Your Blog

It’s not always possible to do professional photos or take time to create original images, so be happy to know that there are several websites that offer free images for you to use on your blog! I recommend you check how each website works, some of them you can just use the photos, other websites […]

Bloggers: The 2 Key Things to Choose Your Perfect Niche!

You can devote a lot of your time promoting your blog on social media but if your blog is not the right niche for you, all the promotion won’t make any difference. So, this article is for all the bloggers out there that feel they’re not dedicating their time and efforts to the right niche […]

The 10 Top Things To Do For a Successful Blog

I am completely passionate about blogging. It’s always been my passion for years and years, and I feel really excited every time I write a new blog post knowing it is going to help many people. Along the years I have tried and tested many different things about having a successful blog, and in this […]

How To Get Your WordPress Blog Post Ready For Pinterest

If you are a blogger or have an online shop website with a blog in it in order to attract your audience, and use Pinterest, then this article is for you. Pinterest is THE place to share your blog posts, as audiences in all niches are looking for great ideas, tips, inspiration, how-to’s, etc. But […]

50 Things To-Do For a Happier Life

Do one of these things every day and see how well your life improves! 🙂   1. Start a gratitude journal 2. Wake up early, do a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise 3. Wear your favourite clothes 4. Watch a funny Youtube video 5. Have lunch with a good friend 6. Buy nice real flowers and put them in […]

How to Get a Fit and Healthy Body… By Exercising Less!

It’s very normal to think that in order to lose weight (or keep weight) we need to exercise like crazy everyday, in order to burn calories. But it happens so very often that we do exercise like crazy and see little results. And, in some cases, we can even increase weight, or body fat.   […]

Top 10 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday!

These 10 healthy foods are full of vitamins and nutrients that will increase and support your energy levels on a daily basis:   1. Green Tea Rich in antioxidants and with cancer fighting properties, drinking green tea daily is also a great way to speed up your metabolism. Helps to lose or maintain weight. Try it […]