15 Minute Chicken Parmesan Meal

  This chicken Parmesan is so just right and also you must agree that it’s the absolute best great meal you’ll make. In case you are like me then you definitely would not have time to thaw chicken, bread it make the sauce after which prepare dinner it. This is an excessive amount of preparation […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

  So I had to find a way to have my cake and bake it too. This is not only a gluten free cake recipe but is also is sugar-free, dairy-free and uses organic ingredients. So whether you are a celiac, diabetics, lactose intolerant or just not wanting to have your thighs be as jiggly […]

The Best Desserts That Build Muscle!

Trying to drop some fat and build more muscle? Never skip dessert. Well, skip regular desserts. Then make your own using protein powder and healthy ingredients. Here are six of our favorites. Note: Not all protein powders are created equal. If you use other brands, you’ll get different results. These recipes were made using a…

20 Tiny Desserts That Are Better Than the Originals

What is it about tiny things? Like babies. And kittens. You just want to eat them up! Tiny desserts are no exception. If you’re itching for cute, little, irresistible desserts, these 20 recipes have you covered. They may be small in size but are big on flavor, and you probably won’t be able to eat…

100 Catchy Blog Titles That Really Work

  Having a catchy blog title is key to attract the right readers to your blog posts. Like this one on this article! They are very often the first thing your audience sees: on your blog, on social media, etc. And that title alone can make or break their decision to click and read it. So, your […]

The 10 Best Ways To Make Money Working From Home

Making money working from home has been the dream of many, but also the reality of many more. It is possible to make (very) good money from your computer, and doing things that you truly enjoy. This blog is proof of that. And especially taking into consideration the current world scenario, where so many people […]

7 Best Ways to Ground and Reconnect With Yourself

Very often we’re in daily situations that just drain us, and this especially true if you’re a person that is sensitive to others energies. Symptoms of feeling ungrounded can go from feeling lightheaded, confused, tired, uncapable of focusing, feeling overwhelmed, or a general feeling of “running on empty”. This simply means you need to take some […]

The 10 Most Amazing Yoga Retreats in the World

What do you look for when searching for a yoga retreat? These things come to mind: Excelent yoga teachers Stunning scenery for your daily practice Opportunity to (re)connect with yourself and nature Being a true soul healing haven Other offers such as massages, tours or spa/beauty treatments Plenty to do and see around   So […]

25 Incredible Ways to Make You Instantly Feel Good

Raising your vibration is a key thing to do on a daily basis, especially when you’re feeling tired or drained. So if you feel tired or down for some reason, don’t look to a chocolate bar, cup of coffee, or energy drink for a lift. The sugar and caffeine might give you an immediate pick-me-up, but after that […]

20 Stunning Living Room Decor Ideas

There is nothing like crafting a luxury living room that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. This first spot sets the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. It’s also one of the best places to showcase your design aesthetic by experimenting with color palettes, layers of texture and patterns, and […]

The 10 Most Yummy Chocolate Desserts

Love Chocolate Desserts? Well, you are chocolate lover which says ““Everything tastes better covered in chocolate”. At first look, it appears that chocolate desserts lovers only enjoy chocolate. Not so! They love to consume other foods for pleasure, provided they have chocolate upon them. In my experience, I came across a chocolate lover who dipped […]