50 Things To-Do For a Happier Life

Do one of these things every day and see how well your life improves! 🙂


1. Start a gratitude journal

2. Wake up early, do a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise

3. Wear your favourite clothes

4. Watch a funny Youtube video

5. Have lunch with a good friend

6. Buy nice real flowers and put them in your bedroom

7. Go for a walk around nature

8. Hug and tell someone you love them

9. Start a conversation with a stranger

10. Go outside when it’s raining and dance

11. Buy a nice piece of furniture for your home

12. Climb a tree

13. Go to a place you have never been before

14. Listen to your favourite music

15. Read inspirational quotes on Pinterest

16. Buy a new nice shampoo

17. DIY something nice for your home

18. Buy your groceries at the local market

19. Try a yoga class

20. Put nice wallpaper in your bedroom

21. Sit near the ocean

22. Eat your favourite ice cream

23. Cuddle

24. Look at old photos

25. Talk to a neighbour you never talked before

26. Dress up for yourself

27. Go to an old book store

28. Book holidays, even if it is just a short break

29. Join a new group of people: at a sports event, volunteering, etc

30. Join an online discussion forum related to something of your interest

31. Cook a new recipe

32. Play with puppies

33. Try a new class at the gym

34. Compliment a stranger

35. Drink more water

36. Treat your best friend to something nice

37. Have a crazy photo shoot with your loved ones

38. Watch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch for ages

39. Eat popcorn whilst watching that movie

40. Do a beauty treatment

41. Take a warm sensual salt bath before bedtime

42. Buy expensive lingerie

43. Get rid of anything too old: clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc

44. Put on your favourite music out loud and dance

45. Send your parents flowers

46. Camp in your back garden

47. Go to the rescue center and bring a dog home. Or a cat. Or both.

48. Go to a fun fair

49. Do an outdoor fitness class, military style

50. Tell yourself you’re beautiful

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